Most tourists prefer traveling to countries, where they can get promotional flight deals, affordable hotel rooms and cheap, but delicious meals. We are not saying that those people do not have enough money for traveling, they are just being practical and saving for other expenses. What is important for them is to reach different countries as a part of their touring experience.

While there are also those travelers, who do not mind about how much they spend when it comes to traveling to different parts of the world. Some of these people even dare to choose the most expensive tourist destinations. We are not saying that these people are not being practical. They just have too much money to spend.

It could have been better, if every traveler can come even to the most luxurious countries in the world. But, not every individual is fortunate enough. So, lucky are those who can travel anywhere they want to go because they have the chance to. Anyway, we have here a list of countries that we find too expensive to visit.

Musha Cay

Many people are saying that a place called the Exumas or the Out Islands, which you can find in the Bahamas is just a tourist spot for rich people. And then, according to David Copperfield, you can find her the fountain of youth. It might be the reason why it is a very expensive spot.

One of the islands that you can find in Copperfield Bay is Musha Cay. If you want to come here, then you have to rent the whole island. Are you willing to spend like $40,000 per night? Anyway, if you can, then you can roam around the Caribbean Island with a person of your choice. And then, you can only invite a maximum of 11 people to come.

This is an ideal spot for diving as well as deep-sea fishing. Included in your payment is a treasuring hunting, which is actually customized and made for you. Aside from that you will also experience a personalized firework display.


You can find Tuscany in Italy. It is rich in history. So, if you are into pre-Roman period, then this might be ideal for you. Instead of finding hotels, you can find here villages with lavish rooms. You can still find a lot of converted barns here and for a week stay.


You can find beautiful sceneries in Norway, especially, they are known for the History of Viking. You can also find their houses with different colors. Aside from that, if you love nature, then you will surely enjoy mountain views. Most of the people here in Oslo are fluent in speaking English. So, finding a tour guide won’t be a problem.

They said that Norway is the most expensive country among the Scandinavian and the Northern part of Europe because it is rich in oil and people are highly compensated. Tourists are charged 20% more than any other countries in the Western part of Europe. No wonder it is really expensive to come here.

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