The NHCCT Blog only post information regarding Cotati. This website blog is intended for travel purposes only. So, we do not carry or bring information about people or citizens of Cotati as well as tourists, seeking for our help. It is against our policy to give personal details or information that may put our readers or residents of Cotati at risk. So, with that, we apologize because we cannot grant your request.

We would like to inform every reader that we are doing all services here for free, which means that we do not accept financing or any form of monetary payments. But, if you would like to give donations to the New Hope Church of Cotati, then you may bring it personally to our church to be recognized. We would be very happy to receive any voluntary goods or services that you may give in return. Again, this is optional and not a requirement because we do not like abusing travelers, coming from different walk of life or any part of the world.

The New Hope Church is under a religious organization. So, we only practice good deeds that we have learned from the church. Our church teachings are very important to us and that is the reason why we exist.