The New Hope Church in Cotati formed an organization with members, who are in-charged with reading messages from various readers and followers of the church. These members would be very happy to reach out and extend help to those who are in need of information about Cotati.

Helping visitors to know more about the city is the goal of the church, so they would appreciate it when readers would seek for their help. If they have questions about traveling Cotati, then the team would gladly respond to it.

If there are tourists, who would like to ask for guides to tour them around the city, then the New Hope Church team would be very happy to serve as volunteer tour guides. They will do this for free and would not really accept any form of financial assistance.

All you need to do is to give us the necessary information that we need, such as the date of your visit, places in Cotati, where you would like to go; activities that you would like to do; food or delicacy that you would like to try and the number of participants, who are coming to travel to Cotati.

Interested travelers may send us a message at