If you are traveling to different parts of the world, you cannot avoid having fun and a night full of entertainment. That is actually one of the lifestyles that tourists enjoy when they visit different countries because they meet a lot of people and have cuisines experiences. It could have been better, if you can come to Australia and visit Adelaide’s rooftop bars.

We all know that most travelers come to Australia to study or do business opportunities. But, pretty sure that there are also those who are coming to just have a holiday. So, this is a great opportunity to check out the best among all the rooftop bars in Adelaide, where you will not only feel the night, but you can also experience the taste of the best wines, cocktails and beers.

The 2KW Bar and Restaurant

You can find this bar on top of an 8-storey historic building. You can have a great view of the River Torrens and Adelaide Hills here. Aside from that this is also a good spot to have a clear view of the Government House, which is an 1840 Parliament home of South Australia. This building is also near the main sporting stadium, called the Adelaide Oval. When it comes to your wines and beers that was exclusively made for the bar hoppers, they will serve it to you directly coming from their barrels.

The Hennessy Rooftop Bar

This discerning bar opened in December of 2015. It comes with elegant interior and decorated lounge with leather armchairs. If you look at the Tudor-style of roof, you can see the paneling as well as the chandeliers there. It would be great to have a sit outside the deck, where you can have a great view of the Adelaide’s shopping streets as well as the Rundle Mall. It is also a nice spot to look at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and the Art Gallery of South Australia. They offer premium champagnes here as well as wines and cocktails. You can reach this bar on the 13th floor of the Mayfair Hotel, which is a 5-star boutique.

The Rooftop on Rundle

You can find this bar on the top of the Kent Town Hotel. Around this hotel are blocks of offices, industrial warehouses and a view of the urban lifestyle. This bar features 2 casual levels of outdoor space, they have a wooden oven for pizzas and a drunk tank. They also have some lessons here on Thursdays, such as African and salsa dancing. And then, after the lessons, they have a Latin dance party. They also have live music and DJ’s on a Saturday while on Sundays, they have local buskers. What’s really amazing here is their slide, where it will bring you to their Brazilian barbecue in the ground floor.

Those are just a few of the rooftop bars that you can find in Adelaide. When you are roaming around the city, pretty sure that you can find time looking for other great bars, too.

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