Do you know that there are a lot of tourist attractions in Southeast Asia? One of the favorite spots of travelers from different parts of the world is Bangkok, Thailand. First of all, coming to this country is easy. Most nationalities do not need a Visa upon entry. Aside from that food, accommodation and transportation is very affordable. It is indeed an ideal country to visit, especially when you are on a tight budget.

In fact, Thailand is one of the most visited tourist spots in Asia. But, the only problem that you might experience is crowded because most of the well-known tourist attractions are always full. For some people, they might find inconvenient when moving around. Though it is also merrier to meet more people from different walks of life.

Anyway, there are still a lot of exciting spots in Thailand and most of them are unseen or have not yet discovered by other visitors. So, if you are eager to check these spots to keep yourself away from crowded places, then you better take a look at some spots.

The Khao Luang Cave

This cave is located in the province of Phetchaburi. You can find here more than 150 Buddha statues and is surrounded by hanging stalactites. Buddhists come here to pray and give respect to the reclining Buddha, so you can smell the scent of light incense and you can see how the candles fill the cave’s light.

Another rare thing that you will surely find amazing is the giant hole that you can find on the ceiling of the cave, where the rays of the sun is passing through. But, be careful with the monkeys around, they were just waiting for food, anyway.

The Wat Tha Ka Rong


This temple is located in the province of Ayutthaya. Actually, you can always find temples all over Thailand, but this one is an odd and a must-visit temple. What’s really amazing with this temple is its architectural design. It has bright colors and mixed with woodcraft. If you are going to check inside, then you will find here different Buddhist as well as Hindu statues.

At the back of this temple is a floating market. So, after the visit, you may try different Thai foods and buy different souvenir items from the floating shops.

The Doi Mae Salong

This agricultural landscape is located in the province of Chang Rai. There are tourists, who enjoy mountain hiking. Indeed, this is a great spot for trekking. Well, this is an ideal spot for you. You can find here tea leaf plantations. That is why if you will pass along the village of Santikhiri, you will find a notable tea called, the Oolong tea. Anyway, you would surely want to try this. It will just take you an hour and twenty minutes’ drive from the city.

Summer time has come, so why don’t you take a break from work and visit the unseen attractions in Thailand? Pretty sure that you would not like to miss those spots.

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