We at the New Hope Church would aim to provide travel information to those who would like to go to Cotati. We all know that many people are not aware about the rules and regulations of the city. So, as a part of the church service, the New Hope Church of Cotati Travel Blog or NHCCT Blog was formed in the first quarter of 2018.

One of the goals of the New Hope Church is to encourage and invite people to come and visit the church. It is also a part of their mission to promote the teachings of the church by inviting visitors to come and listen to the preaching.

By providing Travel Blogs to readers from different states, they can also know that there is a church called, the New Hope Church exists in Cotati. Through the travel blog, we can easily track the exact location of the church.

The NHCCT Blog also aims at providing various tourist spots, club houses, entertainment centers, parks, churches and other notable places in Cotati.

Through this website blog, the church believes that readers can get the information that they need. In such a way it would help the church invite visitors as well as helping readers find what they need.